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My Personal Psalm

Bless the Lord, O my entire soul and with all that is in me I'll bless Your holy name.

Lord, I'm impressed as the Psalmist reminds me of Your faithfulness to Your people, Israel, in spite of their disobedience. By the way Lord, thanks for staying the course with me even when I fail to live righteously.

How grateful I am for having been born into a God-honoring family where Your name was respected and revered. At the age of 10, with a heart prepared by exposure to Your Holy Word through my family and my church, I came to saving belief. Thank you, O God for electing me to salvation.

Sovereign One, Your hand has orchestrated the events of my life bringing me to this present juncture where I find myself today. Yes, God, in my formative years as a young boy in Sunday School, I was introduced to the great men and women of faith in the Bible. As a result, they became my heroes.

Life's experiences brought the good and the bad--the happy and sad times. I was devastated at age 15 when my godly father died at 42. Less than a year later, I was one of only two in our community diagnosed with the crippling disease of polio. Lord, I could have been a proud man but the resulting handicap may have taken a great measure of the pride away. See, Lord, You knew me well. Now, in viewing these events through the prism of Romans 8:28, I can see how the "bad" has been eclipsed with the good things you have provided.

The challenge of college and university years, marriage to a wonderful wife, loving children, professorships in a Christian college and a state university and opportunities to develop my gifts for teaching Your truths are further evidences of Your leading and blessing in my life. Again, I say, thank You, Lord.

Now, Father in Heaven, having exceeded these score and ten years, I'm in the last lap of life's race. Your Word contains the record of men like King Solomon and Saul who had great starts but terrible finishes. Help me, by Your Spirit not to disappoint You but to finish well. May I, as the apostle Paul testified, finish the last lap of the course well, and may I keep the faith so when I stand before You I'll not have cause to be ashamed.

Thank you, for not only being the God of Israel, but for being my God as well. You have shown me the path of life. I have found joy in Your presence. And at Your right hand I'll experience eternal pleasures forevermore.

Bless and Praise Your Holy Name! Your love endures forever! Amen! Amen!

Written by Rod Wyse used with permission

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