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Praying To God

You have a block of time in an undisturbed place because you have Prepared a Time and Prepared a Place. Now what do you do? I’m your typical Type A personality, so when I sat down for my first appointment with God, I split my time in half--I would spend a half hour praying and a half hour reading the Bible. Simple, right? Yea, right!

My first morning with God, with all good intentions, I started to pray. As a child I was taught that when you pray, follow the acronym, ACTS:


My first prayer time went something like this:

    Dear God,
    You are loving and kind. You are all-powerful and all-knowing. You are the Creator. You are uhhhhh. . . loving and kind.
    Forgive me for all the things that I did wrong yesterday. Forgive me for all the things I’ve ever done wrong.
    Please bless my family, watch over the kids, get my grandmother well, give us a good day at the store...and have us make alot of money.
    Thank You for all You’ve given me and all You’ve done for me.
    In Jesus name, Amen.

I knew I hadn’t used up much of my half an hour for prayer (even though I said the words very slowly). I looked down at my watch and all of 5 minutes had passed by. At this point I realized that I didn’t know much about how to pray! But, as I read my Bible, I began to better understand the character of God. And I learned that before I prayed or sat down to read His Word, I needed to Prepare My Heart.

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