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Preparing for a Time for Bible Study 

It's all right to make a promise to spend time reading the Bible, but living it out is a can be a different issue. Most likely you’ll have to consciously make time for God in your busy day or you’ll never have enough enough time

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for God.

When will you carve out time for God in your daily schedule?


Preparing a Place

Generally we face 3 major distractions when we try to concentrate on a particular task. . . noise. . . people . . and feeling rushed. What distractions would you encounter if you were to set aside time to study the Bible.

    3 major distractions:



      "When we are convinced that our success for the day depends on our seeking and finding and holding Him in our morning watch, we will allow nothing to interfere with it." 

      Andrew Murray


It is helpful to minimize any potential distractions so that you can give God all of your attention and be ready to hear what He has to say to you!

How can you minimize the distractions during your time with God?


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